Tata Singapour

  • Singapore

Tata Singapour

Clestra Singapore is proud to have completed the project for a very famous global provider of telecommunications solutions and services.
M1 system has been installed in full height and also double stacking, with both double glazed and acoustic steel doors, with very nice colour schemes chosen by the designers.
Our POD solution Irys S, installed in half a day, has also been provided to create a hub of privacy and creativity in the space.

As free standing element, Irys S brings the ceiling, the lighting and ventilation needs exactly where our Client wants them to be.

It also has the flexibility to use personalized internal and external vertical surfaces (the LiveWalls) to suit the requirements of each associate.

The external LiveWall with whiteboard on the outside as an example, brings people along in the space for collaboration while other colleagues are inside the Irys for private work.

This unique agility feature of Irys brings a new vision of the workplace, meeting the users’ needs in terms of comfort, collaborative work, technological progress and sustainability.