PARKVIEW Beijing Cang Fao Di with IDA Design and Architecture:

An ambitious and cutting-edge business and art centre in Beijing built by Parkview Group Hong Kong. The whole project was designed to cope with the most stringent environmental criteria, achieving LEED Platinum standard and making it the greenest building in Asia. Its steep roof was built using a unique honeycomb design to form a microthermal envelope surrounding the building, acting as a thermal regulator.

In this respect, Clestra Hauserman’s Equalios system was perfectly in line with the general design principles of the building. Clestra installed 60,000 sqm of Equalios ceiling units in the office areas to provide the best thermal comfort while also allowing for significant operational cost savings. By utilising surrounding sources of water (lake), Clestra’s Equalios system is self-regulated and autonomous thanks to the natural cooling provided by the water.