Clestra Cleanroom offers two main partition elements to meet the needs of its clients, whether they need a simple yet efficient system or a more complex partitioning configuration. All solutions are manufactured on demand in our factories to meet with the highest quality standards.


A monobloc system allowing for easy installation and relocation, and ensuring perfect isolation capabilities. Available in a double-glazing or solid panel configuration, the sleek steel surface prevents the proliferation of micro-organisms while remaining perfectly demountable.


This solution adds post-cap options to the monobloc system and allows for the integration of utilities along the partitions, such as water pipes, electrical wires, and ventilation systems. Removable steel junctions between panels  allow for ease of access and maintenance.


Unlike other Clestra solutions   which are pre-assembled in the factory, these split steel panels are assembled on a metal frame directly on-site. Available in both steel and glazed panels, the system allows for the maintenance of one room without jeopardising the containment abilities of the others.