Clestra Cleanroom also delivers high-end ceiling structures which, combined with our in-house partitions, create a perfectly isolated and protected area.


These ceiling units come in monobloc parts and are locked and hung together using a junction piece. Assembled in the factory, each unit is completely customisable, allowing for the integration of utilities and other devices. This ceiling is also walkable, facilitating the maintenance of HVAC and sprinkler systems.


Supported by specific locking mechanisms that create gaps between the panels and are hidden by post-cap joints, utilities are integrated for easier access. Entirely walkable, the structure is perfectly flat and smooth on both sides. Each panel is also independent from the others, allowing for the removal of a single ceiling unit without altering the rest of the structure’s stability.


Unlike previous systems, the bi-bloc ceiling configuration is an aluminium framed grid where each ceiling unit is clipped in. Each panel has independent upper and bottom sides which can be customised according to the client’s needs.