Irys Roadshow in Tokyo

In partnership with PLUS Furniture company, IRYS and Fizz BOX were launched in Tokyo Japan. The products were on exhibit for a week with the launch main event taking place on September 27th,

A large audience gathered to appreciate space modular solutions, the brainchildren of CLESTRA HAUSERMAN innovation. IRYS with the full range of technical capacities including CLESTRA MediaWall, Bridge with its colorful Live Wall arrangement of detachable panels and FIZZ BOX with iPad integration for teleconference and occupancy sensors, were set in the very center of Tokyo in the Akasaka district. The event was focused on the future of the workspace and had a coordinated selection of furniture by PLUS to perfectly match the products. Clestra Japan leader of the industry keeps bringing  the spark of innovation and leadership to the Japanese market to accommodate the influx of new changes on work management.

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